by Neal Stephenson

Seveneves is enjoyable albeit predictable. It has the same problem Reamde had, it should have been three books. I also find the thinly veiled versions of several real people a bit of an eye roller. Doob is clearly Neil deGrasse Tyson, Julia and her husband are Sarah Palin and her husband, Sean is Elon Musk. And we get it Neal, you do your homework, but do you have to tell us everything? Can we have a little mystery? Do we really need to know about the orbital mechanics of every object in orbit?

The last third was probably the weakest part. It was so predictable and read like the kind of post-singularity masturbatory fantasy you'd see coming from a teenager. And at the same time hard to believe. The epigenetics subplot seemed shoehorned at the end and didn't really add anything and never really impacted the plot. Likewise, Kath is such a letdown. Only to be thrown out with a sudden switch to Ty's perspective?

All in all my enthusiasm about Stephenson continues to drop as this book seems to be more a compilation of ideas for those he likes to spend time with rather than contributing anything of its own.

Expanded from review on Goodreads.


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