by Craig Thompson

This graphic novel is heartbreakingly close to home, there is a beauty in the authors pain as he is swept along in a familiar world where he has no chance to be anything other than a victim. So many of the situations in the story nearly brought me tears as it dredges up my own memories of childhood. Coming off of reading Persepolis you start to wonder where the good in the world is that such continual tragedy can befall children. I find comfort in knowing that I have the power to make my own children's story not resemble mine or Craig Thompson's.

My only questions at the end of the story is how are him and his brother dealing with adulthood? How much does their past haunt them? And, what happened to Raina?

In a way I hoped so desperately that Craig and Raina would get a happy ending or eventually reconnect. But sadly life doesn't work that way and instead we have the honest reality that things often don't happen how we would like them to

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